About Swivel Nutrient International Factory

Our Mission

We always work to maintain a level of continuous development From: Selection, Quality, Hygiene and keeping pace with latest manufacturing methods and considering the highest quality standards in order to supply the Egyptian and foreign Markets with highly effective Food products and dietary supplements.

Our Vision

Our products in every Egyptian House

Our Services

Registration & Technical Analysis (COQ) Services

– Laboratories conform to standard specifications
– Registration of the products of the National Institute of Nutrition
– Follow up on the registration of the Food Safety Authority
– Trademark registration

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Raw Material Supply and Processing Services

– Food Supplement Raw Materials, Vitamins & Minerals
– Herbal Extracts Powders

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Toll Manufacturing Services

– Powder production lines from 1g to 10kg
– Compressed tablets (pieces) production lines
– Sugar candy production lines
– Viscous liquids production lines (honey – chocolate)
– Lozenges for sore throat production lines

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Our Certificates

Swivel Nutrient International Factory has obtained ISO 9001 Certificate, ISO 9001 Certificate and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate. You can download a copy of our certificates.

How can we help you?

If you have any question about our products or seeking for third party manufacturing services.

How can we help you?

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